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Kittens & Cats Available

Male lynx point, left; female lynx point, right.
Male (left) and female lynx point kittens at age 5 months

We have two kittens left available from a litter of 3, currently 5 months old.
The mother is Annapurna of Sarsenstone, and the father is Sarsenstone Tritelian ("Tell"). Annapurna is a direct import from Thailand. Sarsenstone Tritelian ("Tell") is from our cattery on his mother's side and ultimately from British lines on his father's side.

The kittens have been neutered and have received all three of the standard FVRP vaccinations. 

Here's a video of the female lynx point kitten, 5 months old.

 Here are more photos:

Annapurna's available boy, left, and girl, 5 months old
The 2 available kittens, boy at left, 5 months old
The 2 available kittens playing, 5 months old
The 2 available kittens at 5 months, goofy boy left and sister the minx :)
Mom! He's hogging the toy! (5 months old)

The kittens are ready to go now. Both kittens are intelligent, talkative, lively, and playful--in other words, typical Thai Siamese. 

In case you are unfamiliar with the seal lynx point pattern, it means that instead of solid seal (dark brown) coloring on the face, ears, legs, and tail, the coloring is broken into seal stripes. Also, there is white "eyeliner" around the eyes. In kittenhood, the coloring is very pale, and the kittens look nearly white, with blue eyes. But by adulthood the point color is much darker, as you can see in the photo of Mama Annapurna, above, and in this photo of two of her daughters from a past litter who are now 1 year old. (Daughter at left is a seal point. Daughter at right is a seal lynx point.)

For general information see the Terms page, or you may contact
Dr. Cris Bird.
Please bear in mind that we care about our kittens. If you inquire, please tell us a little about yourself and the kind of home you will offer a kitten. Anonymous inquiries will not receive a reply.

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