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Kittens & Cats Available

3 month old Thai kittens
Three month old Thai kittens from two litters

We currently have two male kittens and three female kittens available from a total of seven kittens (see above). All are seal points and 3 months old. They are from two litters.

The mother of one litter is Sarsenstone Queen Fabiola, and their father is Chao Kror of Sarsenstone. Fabiola is from a lineage bred for many generations in Sarsenstone Cattery, while Chao Kror is a direct import from Thailand.

The mother of the other litter is Sarsenstone Yulaia, and the father is Rammasoon of Sarsenstone. (Photo of Rammasoon shows him flirting with us on the porch of his cabin in an outdoor run with his winter coat.) Yulaia is Fabiola's half sister, and from a lineage long bred in this cattery. Rammasoon is a direct import from Thailand.

The kittens are talkative, mischievous, and too smart for their own good. As with all Siamese, they love to interact with people, following them, sitting in their laps, and even leaping uninvited to the top of your shoulders.

All of the kittens have already been neutered, and are fully vaccinated and ready to go.

For general information see the Terms page, or you may contact
Dr. Cris Bird.


Photo1   Five of the seven kittens. Kitten with yellowish collar far right is an available boy. Two kittens at far left -- no collar and multi collar -- are available girls. Two kittens in center have gone to new homes.

Photo2 Three kittens in front row are all available female kittens, and the Yellow Collar kitten in back row is an available male kitten.

Photo3 Kittens with collars are all available kittens. Yellow Collar and Red Bell are both males. The one with bluish multi collar is a female.

Photo4 Available female kitten with bluish multi collar demonstrating her personality.

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