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Kittens & Cats Available

We don't currently have any Thai Siamese kittens available. Sorry about that.

However, if you are open to trying something just a little different, we do have a Chausie litter of kittens available. The Chausie is a rare breed we first encountered when we needed to show the Thai in the "new breeds" classes to earn recognition for the Thai breed in TICA, recognition independent of the (modern) Siamese breed. It was ironic to have to show Thais in a new breed class, but we did learn about a number of genuine new breeds, including the Chausie.

We found to our surprise that Chausies have a lot in common with Siamese, but they do have a different paint job and a bit of extra "spice" added to those intelligent, inquisitive, playful personalities. Moreover, Chausies have a lot of Siamese blood, as Siamese of one sort or another were used in developing the Chausie breed.

To see our Chausie kittens, go to our Chausie website at www.chausie-kittens.com and click "Kittens Available."

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Dr. Cris Bird.

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