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Cream Spots (above). Notice that she's making biscuits with her right
front paw, typical of her outgoing personality.

We no longer have any kittens available.

Cream Spots, above, was the last kitten from 2013. She has gone to a new home and is now named Sarsenstone Khaleesi (Kala).

While Khaleesi is no longer available, we are leaving the information about her on this page as an example of what we do here.

The father of Cream Spots and her littermates was Chao Kror of Sarsenstone, a cute, talkative, seal point boy we imported into the USA directly from Thailand five years ago. The mother of the kittens was RW SGC Pangaea Argemone of Sarsenstone, who is 50% from Thailand imports and 50% from American and European Old-Style Siamese. She has also been one of the best show cats we've ever had because she is both a great example of the breed and has a wonderful outgoing personality. (She was TICA's Best Thai Cat of the Year in 2012.)

We have deliberately bred kittens with a diverse pedigree because it's the best guarantee there is of longevity and health. The Thailand imports generally are not related to the Western Siamese for at least 100 years.

An outcross like that is incredibly rare in the cat fancy. Also, there are not many breeders who have gone to the trouble of importing cats directly from Thailand, and yet that is where the Old-Style Siamese came from originally.

Last year, we had a litter out of the same parents. The kittens turned out great. All had outgoing personalities, and one of them is currently being shown as an alter in TICA's Northwest Region, where he is now a Triple Grand Champion Alter (TGCA). His name is Thorn. Incidentally, showing is not about vanity. It is a way of making sure your cats measure up to other cats in the breed, yes. That's like having a college degree from an accredited university. But it is also a great test of the temperament of the cats. It takes a calm, well socialized cat to learn to deal with the noise, smells, strange cats, crowds, and other distractions in a show hall. The temperament comes both from genes and from good socialization during early kittenhood.

More Photos of Cream Spots:

Cream Spots with all her sibs at 3 months old. That's Cream Spots yelling for the toy at lower right.

Cream Spots #1 (5 months old). Always ready to play.

Cream Spots #2 (5 months old). Inquisitive. Also, nice head shape that will get even better as she matures.

Cream Spots #3 (5 months old). Nice, broad-based ears that all authentic Siamese have had for centuries.

Cream Spots #4 (5 months old). Nice, light body color for her age. She has a slight tail kink at the tip of her tail, which is barely visible. This is a trait common in all types of Siamese. It is considered a fault for show purposes, but is harmless and a sign of SE Asian ancestry.

Cream Spots #5 (5 months old). Talkative! (As all Siamese should be.)

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For more information about kittens, you may contact Dr. Cris Bird.

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