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Kittens & Cats Available

Thai (Old-Style Siamese) kittens, 4 mo old girls

We currently have two female kittens available (see above). Both are seal points and 4 months old. Their mother is Sarsenstone Fabiola, and their father is Chao Kror of Sarsenstone. Fabiola is from a lineage bred for many generations in Sarsenstone Cattery, while Chao Kror is a direct import from Thailand.

The kittens are smart, playful, talkative (they sound like kazoos!), and love to be held and interact with people. In short, they are the essence of Siamese personality. The two girls have already been spayed, and are fully vaccinated and ready to go.

For general information see the Terms page, or you may contact
Dr. Cris Bird.

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